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Established in 2016, Henan Aston Garment Company specializes in design and manufacture of infant clothing. Located in nationally renowned light textile city of Xinxiang City in the Henan Province of China, our mission is to provide competitive safe and high quality comfortable child’s wear products for infants and babies.

Our company grew from an knitting garment factory founded in 1999 and evolved into the company we now are. Since 2016 we have exported to more than thirty countries throughout the world, including the United States, Europe, Canada and Australia.


Our products include baby pajamas, baby rompers, baby sleeping bags,muslin swaddle blanket, baby teething toys,baby gift set. We use high quality organic cotton, bamboo and linen fabric, corn fibre, which are all natural ECO friendly material and more suitable for newborn babies.


US$3.04 - US$3.42/
US$3.20 - US$3.60-5%
50 개(Min. Order)
US$3.23 - US$3.51/
US$3.40 - US$3.70-5%
50 개(Min. Order)
US$2.75 - US$3.13/
US$2.90 - US$3.30-5%
50 개(Min. Order)